Reflection tool for sustainability

The reflection tool is designed to aid the sustaining phase of using distributed leadership. It can be used as a basis for discussions in a workshop situation and for collaborative groups to focus on the various stages of the initiative they are undertaking.

 Phase  Reflection on phase  Reflective prompts


Enabling distributed leadership


Are there individuals/groups of experts who should have been engaged in the initiative?

What action needs to be taken to engage broader participation in a second cycle of activity?
What actions by formal leaders were most effective in providing public support for the distributed leadership initiative?
How could these actions be more effective?
Was the description of distributed leadership appropriate for this initiative?
Do changes need to be made to this description?
Is there evidence that each of the 6 Tenets of distributed leadership were incorporated into the initiative approach?
What action needs to be taken to ensure the 6 Tenets are incorporated?

Practicing distributed leadership 
What examples exists that the 16 enabling action items identified in the Action Matrix were integrated?
What action is needed to move towards a more integrated approach?
 Three Evaluating distributed leadership What action is needed to move the benchmark self-assessment beyond Beginning into Functional and Accomplished?
 Four Sustaining distributed leadership  What changes are needed in future actions?
Is there a preferred sequence?
What difficulties has the distributed leadership approach encountered that is related to the specific institutional context?
Do these difficulties warrant a change away from the distributed leadership approach?