The recommendations presented below identify the need for the higher education sector to keep advancing the use of a distributed leadership approach to build leadership capacity for learning and teaching.

Recommendation 1: Directed at senior leaders of learning and teaching in all universities

That the benchmarks for distributed leadership developed from this project be disseminated widely across the sector to assist institutions to utilise a distributed leadership approach to achieve leadership for change in learning and teaching.

Recommendation 2: Directed at senior academic leaders and senior human resource management leaders

That the potential of distributed leadership to build leadership beyond learning and teaching be explored between senior leaders in positions of responsibility for learning and teaching and human resource experts.

Recommendation 3: Directed at the OLT Grants Project team

That the OLT Grants Project team supports a further project to design and pilot test an implementation strategy that integrates the enabling and evaluative aspects of distributed leadership and to develop a Handbook for Distributed Leadership.